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  • A Call-To-Action in Every Post!

    Hi Guys! Just checking up on you! And I thought I’d share with you what’s been working for me!

    One thing I know people toy with is how pushy it can be if you push your product every time you talk to your guests! Well, I would agree, but I think it’s always a good time to include a call to action!

    I believe every time you get in front of your customer, you should always have a call-to-action. If you do not know what a call-to-action is, it is a prompt on a website that tells the user to take some specified action - using command or action phrases like ‘Sign Up Now’ or ‘Buy Now’ and takes the form of a button or hyperlink!

    Have a goal in mind for what you want your audience to do.

    So, Instagram is a super huge deal to me right now! It has such a significant amount of users and users are spending a significant amount of time consuming content on Instagram!

    So why, if you already have people there, why not use that quality time to ask your followers to do something! I can’t be plain enough!

    I mean, each time you announce something or post a new update, include a call-to-action! I have found that people generally are not as lazy as we assume! And I have found that they aren’t as offended as we think they’re going to be when asking them to perform a task! Especially if we are providing a rich, authentic experience!

    When you ask your guests to take the next step and to further engage with you by doing something like going to your website to learn more about your product, click on your link to learn more from your blog or video, or perhaps subscribe to something that they’re already using everyday anyways, they're already engaging with you everyday anyways, this is building a genuine relationship!

    I cannot overemphasize how not “sleazy” it is to ask your customer to take the next step in their commitment to your brand and product and click the link!

    It’s a waste of time if you’re not critically consuming and looking for ways that brands can add value to your life! Hence, people’s tendency to unlike accounts quickly on Instagram if they find that the content isn’t doing something for them! Or when you go online subconsciously looking for something or for self-validation. This is the perfect place to satisfy that need! Maybe you're are a motivational speaker or a new performance-enhancing pre-workout for exercise!

    If you've already got their attention, they’re already fans, now's the time to add a call-to-action in every post!

    As a bonus, I have provided my Post Checklist that I use when crafting posts! It makes sure that touch on the same key things to create a consistent messaging architecture! Creating consistency in my tone of voice and theme! Make sure to click the link at the bottom to download the Post infographic or beneath this article!

    PH Balance Post Checklist

  • How to Evoke People’s Emotions to Increase Engagement on Social Media

    Hi Friends! Just a quick read to get your creative juices flowing! Evoking People's Emotions on Social Media!

    If you’re trying to get your video to go viral, or if you’re trying to increase your engagement in general, than you need to evoke your audience's emotions! Pathos!

    Here are some tips on evoking your audience's emotions:

    There are common emotions that we’re trying to evoke! Fear, joy, self esteem, hope, pleasure, and amusement are just a few emotions that will make people want to click your link!

    So when you’re creating your posts, ask yourself “What is it that I am looking for my audience to feel, what emotion am I trying to evoke?!”

    Recently, I was responsible for promoting a video for a company I am doing business with! I learned that you HAVE to appeal to your audience's emotions. What’s in it for them?! In this particular video I tried to determine how the content appealed to the interests and investments of our audience as it relates to certain emotions. So, for example, if we’re talking about a new cleaning supply, what’s in it for them?! And what common, popular emotion are we trying to evoke that is relevant and captures people’s attention. What about self-esteem? Something along the lines of “Are you embarrassed when people come to your house and it smells like pissing cat?!” Like how awful?! :D :D :D I’m just kidding, that smell never bothers me! But I can imagine the hyper embarrassment about it! Nevertheless, here you have queued that you have a solution to their house smell issue due to evoking the emotion of self-esteem. I’m sure you have something better than that!

    Also, photos are very important for evoking emotion! A cute photo of a kissing baby or cat! I just read an article that brought this to my attention. It’s always hard to pass photos of “cute stuff.” So don’t hesitate to hone in on this! I would challenge this and use this ideas to evoke other emotions. On the contrary, photos that make people feel sad do the opposite. People are going online and embracing content that makes them feel good so if you’re trying to be enlightening, I would argue that you have to be cautious about material that evokes sadness. I would encourage evoking the emotion of hope in order to get your message across.

    That's all I have for you guys right now! Just a quick snippet! Hope this helps!

  • How to Capture & Produce Great Content!

    Hi Guys! This article is just a little off of the top of my head about capturing and producing great content! Please excuse any technical errors! Hope this helps!

    1.) One of my best practices of producing great content is putting a call-to-action in every single post! First and foremost, you can’t go wrong by putting a call-to-action in all of your posts anyways because even if you get just one person to click on a link and do something as great as donating! Then you’ve already won! So don’t forget to put a cta in your, let’s say, captions on Facebook!!!

    2.) Video is the most engaging content right now! I have read this, heard this! Time and time again; nevertheless, I refused to believe it to be true! And this even works for me! Video gets me the most likes, comments, and shares! And if you know a videographer, like I do, I’m just kidding, he’s one of my ex-boyfriends! I’m just kidding! I’m just kidding! No, I’m serious! If you know a former ex-boyfriend videographer, use him! To make some pretty good video content for you and watch it explode!

    3.) Another sweet technique of mine, and I just updated my website to include TagCrowd, is doing some research in the field and looking up articles to see what my industry is talking about. Now, I know I have said this time and time again, but, it’s necessary to do some article research on what’s going on in your field! One of the ways is doing a website audit of the article you are reading or using Google Trends (which I posted on my website too) to see what’s trending in your field! When using TagCrowd, TagCrowd will audit the website and find the most relevant keywords using TagCrowd’s algorithm for keyword relevancy. This gives an idea about what keywords are most “prominent!” Going forward, you’ll know what keywords to definitely use in your post, since they are “trending” and what keywords (the same keywords of course!) to expound on! Google Trends is also sweet because they give you real-time insight into what’s trending in a particular field/category! Sometimes presenting other related topics that you aren’t expecting. That can be super jackpot for reaching an audience or engaging with an audience regarding relevant content that maybe others haven’t managed to talk to (yet))))!!!!

    4.) Of course, high quality content! Using high quality content is king! Across the board, use unique, “yours-truly-type” content. What do you specialize in? Is there a certain language or a particular jargon that you should be using? What is the company or organization’s culture like? What is their “lingo” even?! Sometimes using catch words or catch phrases that you may find persons working in the organization using will help to build a community online of similar audiences who support your work, need your service, or buy your product! Awesome sauce! BE ORIGINAL! Don’t be afraid to be yourself when posting! Of course, Grammarly is always super efficient for grammatical and technical errors, but don’t hesitate to be yourself! This is one of my best practices! You humanize Facebook which I’ve found to be one of Facebook’s goals as a social media and social networking tool.

  • How to Do Your Best for Your Clients!

    Hi Guys! This is my first article! I have wanted to write this article forever! I am so glad that I finally get the opportunity to reach out!

    So, this article is How to Do Your Best for Your Clients! Which I know a lot of you really want to know! I’m just kidding, when I started out, I really needed to know! Or, I wish I would have known better :( Wahhh Wahhh :( I’m just kidding, well I just had a baby! Haha! Anyways…!!!!

    1.) Don’t sell yourself short! Many companies or clients will try to lead you to believe in a Contract making process that you are somehow negotiating the value of the work that you are bringing to the table, or going to be doing for them. Do not let your guard down! In these instances you could have the tendency to suddenly second-guess the quality (value) of your own work! Suddenly you lose sight of what you even thought you were going to do for the company in the first place! Haha! Don’t let this happen! You may not be where you want to be in the quality of your work but that still doesn’t mean that the progress you have made isn’t valuable! I can say this because I crumbled in a lot of Contract Agreements because I lost sight of how I was going to be valuable to the company because the client was trying to hustle me to lower my rate… At the end of the day, in hindsight, when I may look at who the company has hired now! I am at the same skills set - if I don’t know more! I am still sitting here now second-guessing myself! I’m just kidding!!! But, seriously! There have been instances where I finally valued myself during these meets and that’s when I always do the best!

    2.) Don’t let the unknown hinder you from getting started working! Often times, when I was at work, I would become afraid of working, literally, because I was afraid to get started! They call this paralysis by analysis! And that sucks! Don’t let an overwhelming task or to:do list handicap you and prevent you from producing quality results! The longer it takes you to get started, the longer it will take you to get quality results! You’ll look up and it’s taken way longer than it should have to get a result that you’ll realize was never that astronomical in the first place! Even if you do a little bit at work one day, don’t procrastinate and not get started for fear of the “unknown.” That’s all I can say about this. I just have had the opportunity to work for a company during two different time periods and I found my success increased 150% when I didn’t waste time getting started due to fear!

    3.) Understand your client’s expectations! I cannot emphasize, BOLD!, exclamation point this enough! If your client gives you a list of their expectations for their social media, that is also the goal that you desire. It can be very tempting to have an ulterior goal but please do not let your great talents be squandered by knowing what the client needs better than the client! I’m just kidding again! No, I am serious, it took me a second before I realized that because I was the expert on the subject matter that I literally made my job more complicated because I wanted so badly to do what I saw as the epitome of my job role’s success and hijacked my relationship with my client because they knew what they needed social media to do for their company! It is one of the funniest lose-lose situations in the fact that you are trying to do your best work and the client is trying to pay you to do a job that they need you to do because you have the skillsz (HaHa)! To say this more clearly: OFTEN TIMES (Im just kidding!!!) Haha! I mean to say… Often times I would go into a meeting about doing some work for a client and I outlined or laid out what goals I intended on achieving for the client’s social media success, let’s say to see a percentage increase in followers. When, in fact, the client was looking for me to actually use social media as a means to merely post about community events to their social media page. Now, you would think that the client would be looking for them to have an increase in followers on their social media page, or that somehow posting community events would somehow be tied into us also increasing their followers on their social media accounts. But at the end of the day, I would have focused so much on increasing their followers (my own goal) that I didn’t focus on what they wanted from their social media (and that was to post community events on their page)! Unfortunately, we both lost in that equation. So, don’t do this! If a client explicitly states that they are not so much concerned about the amount of people following them but whether they just have content posted everyday, take them at their word for this! That is your goal!

    “Do you know what’s there? Waiting? Beyond that beach? Immortality. Take it (2004)!"

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