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Currently, I am the Manager of Sales Support for a Software Application company. I happened to find this career when someone reached out to me on LinkedIn because they said my resume stood out to them. My background makes me unique because I have had the experience of working around selfless individuals, this has made me more passionate about my job and the work that I perform.

In terms of the work that I do, I am most passionate about determining what is working right because I like advancement, revolution, knowledge, enlightenment, learning, and empowerment.

Some of my biggest professional and personal accomplishments are: being a great dog Mom, doing the right thing, learning, striving for personal development and self-improvement, having the opportunity to have worked for so many different companies.

Right now I am looking to spearhead my career. I am going to make as many people rich and famous as possible! I want to use my skills and abilities to do some breakthrough, renowned Social Media services!